Frequently Asked Questions

— About Little Big Crafter
What is Little Big Crafter
How does it work

— Buying
How do I download my purchases
How do I Buy
Which payment methods are supported
Copyright on items
How do you secure your payments
What if I need support
Can I get a refund
What happens when the bundle expires
Little Big License/Commercial License

— Selling
I am a creator, can I sell on Little Big Crafter


About – What is Little Big Crafter

Little Big Crafter is a platform where we will offer high quality high value deals from the best designers. On Little Big Crafter you will find high value deals with loads of content for a very fair price.

About – How does it work

Here at Little Big Crafter we are always scouting. We contact high quality designers and ask them if they are interested on creating a bundle with us. We work with them to create a craft-friendly bundle and we try to agree on a fair price together with the designer. Once we have the bundle finished we release it on Little Big Crafter and it will be available for 1 month. After 1 month it will not be available anymore!

Buying – How do I download my purchases

Downloading your purchases is easy. You will receive a mail from Gumroad with your payment data. This mail will also contain a download button. When you click that the download will automatically start. Please note that you will need to be on a desktop to download most of the files. You are not able to download from your phone or tablet. You can purchase on these devices and download later.

After payment you are prompted to create an account. We advice you to do this so you can always access your files easily later on. If you purchase multiple times from Little Big Crafter all your files will be stored automatically in your account.

Buying – How do I buy

Buying is very simple. You can purchase your item by going to the bundle page and click the “Download now for $X” button on the right side. This will open a new screen which confirms your product and takes you through the checkout process. If you have any questions about purchasing on Little Big Crafter, please contact us at [email protected].

Buying – Which payment methods are supported

We sell using Gumroad. Gumroad supports all major credit cards and PayPal. All payments are highly secure and we at Little Big Crafter have no access to any of your payment data.

Buying – Copyright on items

All items that are sold on Little Big Crafter are from original designers and we received permission from these designers to sell on Little Big Crafter. Little Big Crafter is a reseller and we have no ownership or copyright on the files. Before any bundle goes up we work closely together with the designer that is also mentioned on the bundle page. We ask the designer if they are the owner of the work created. If you feel that something is not right, you see content that you think belongs to somebody else or you see that work from the designer is used somewhere else, please contact the designer of the bundle. If after discussing with the designer you still feel that something is not right or there is no resolution, please contact us at [email protected].

Buying – How do you secure payments

All our payments are highly secure. We at Little Big Crafter use Gumroad for processing payments. Gumroad is an organisation located in San Francisco and is specialized in dealing with online payments. To read all about how they protect your data, check out their “Safe buying” FAQ. Here at Little Big Crafter we will never have any access to your payment/credit card or PayPal data.

Buying – What if I need support

If you need support or have pre-sales questions you can leave a comment on the bundle page or mail us at [email protected]. Please note that we only will be able to help you with questions regarding the bundle you purchased. We cannot support you with general questions such as “How do I use SVG’s in Cricut Design Space”. For that there are many tutorials and blogs such as The Artistry that can provide you with more information.

Buying – Can I get a refund

In principal we don’t give refunds due to the fact that we deal with digital files. It is your responsibility to read and understand what you are buying and to make sure the files are compatible with your device/machine. You can always leave a comment on the product page or contact us at [email protected] if you have any pre-sales questions. The only exception where you can get a refund is if the files downloaded are clearly ‘damaged or corrupted’ or the sale is completely not as advertised. This would mean the files are not working for all or most of the buyers. In that case we will look for a way to resolve the problem by providing you the correct files. However, if we fail to do so we will provide you with a refund if requested.

Buying – What happens when the bundle expires

When the bundle expires it will be gone forever. We will never run the same bundle again. This means that the period that the bundle is online is the only period to buy it. So don’t wait too long or you will miss out on the deal.

Buying – Little Big License/Commercial License

All items, unless otherwise clearly stated, come with our Little Big License. Little Big License is a clear commercial license which allows you to sell work you created with items you purchased on Little Big Crafter. It is important to note that you are never(!) allowed to re-sell or re-distribute any of the digital items. So yes, you are allowed to print frames and sell them in a store, but you are not allowed to provide others with the digital files. All rights of the work sold on Little Big Crafter is owned by their respective designers. These designers provide you the rights to use their work under the terms of the Little Big License.

Make sure to read the Little Big License if you intend to do something special with the files. A lot is allowed, but we want to make sure to honour the hard work of the designers.

Selling – I want to sell my work on Little Big Crafter

Thank you so much for your interest in selling! Without great designers such as yourself we wouldn’t exist, so we are very happy to hear from you what you would like to sell. You can mail us your work/links to your store/story to: [email protected]. We will review your submission and contact you within 1-2 days.